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Auto insurance is an investment every responsible driver makes to ensure that they do not need to pay out of pocket in the unfortunate instance that they are involved in an automobile accident or unpreventable damage is done to their vehicle as a result of outlying factors such as a natural disaster. You are paying your auto insurance company hard earned money to provide coverage for all the factors specified in your insurance policy. If your auto insurance company denies your auto accident claim or you run into other complications, it may be wise to contact an attorney.

With years of experience to pull from, Jorge Borron knows what it takes to properly discuss even the most complex disputes with your auto insurance company. Settlement negotiations may be attempted, with Borron representing your side through the process.

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If a negotiation cannot be reached, a lawsuit may need to be filed. An auto insurance company that does not follow through with the terms specified in your contract is a serious issue. A breach of contract lawsuit will seek for the compensation you were promised and cover all other associated expenses.

Jorge Borron is committed to delving into the necessary research surrounding your policy in order to represent you effectively. Borron’s clients are his top priority and he will stop at nothing to seek a fair outcome. If you or someone you know is having issues with their auto insurance company, contact Jorge Borron today at (305) 667-1727 or click here to get on the right track towards finding solutions.