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A contract is a written agreement set between two or more parties that includes specific terms and conditions enforceable by the law. If a legally binding contract is broken or not honored by an associated party and a dispute arises that cannot be resolved by the terms of the contract, you may be forced to turn to a breach of contract lawsuit.

Reasons for taking action may include issues such as not fulfilling a specified job or performing it poorly, failing to provide an amount of money agreed upon in the written contract, or proving to be dishonest and misleading in any related factors.

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The parties involved in the lawsuit may choose to use a mediator to seek options that can be taken or, if a party refuses to cooperate and denies the claims made against them, they made need to take more drastic measures. Regardless of your situation, contract litigation attorney Jorge Borron is the trusted professional you are searching for. You can entrust Borron to do everything within his power to present your case and push for the deserved compensation.

A good contract litigation attorney will review your existing contract closely and carefully, securing that the wording is presented in a way that could not be misinterpreted. They will then find creative ways to present your case in court and attempt to prove that you have been wronged. Equipped with years of experience in defending breach of contracts, Jorge Borron is more than capable of giving your case the time and attention it needs.

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Put your contract disputes to rest and contact Jorge Borron, our contract attorney today at (305) 667-1727 or click here to set up an appointment to review your options. You can trust that your breach of contract issues will be addressed with professionalism and expertise, and that a solution will be reached in a timely manner. Jorge Borron will be there every step of the way to right all the wrongs that have been made against you and seek much needed compensation.