Breach of Contract Attorney

A strong, sound contract is crucial in establishing any form of professional relationship. In order to prevent future disputes and complications, it is wise to find an attorney that is capable of overseeing that both parties are clear on the terms of the contract. Jorge Borron strives to be one of the most efficient and client friendly contract litigation attorneys in the business.

Jorge Borron deals with an array of contracts, some of which include:contract-litigation-page

  • Commercial Products
  • Services
  • Professional Partnerships
  • Contracting
  • Medical Agreements

If a party involved in an established contract breaches a term or refuses to fulfill an agreement, Jorge Borron can communicate with all parties and attempt to reach a solution. In the case that a party refuses to cooperate, legal action will need to be taken.

Contract Lawsuit

While Borron will do everything within his power to avoid such an occurrence, disputes are oftentimes inevitable. However, the individuals that are in the wrong can be proven guilty and measures will be taken in order to seek the compensation you deserve.

Before beginning any form of legal agreement, contact Jorge Borron at (305) 667-1727 or click here for expert advice and services. Successful individuals take the right precautions to avoid as many complications as possible.