Medical Lawsuits

drug-2 , Drug and Medical Device LitigationPatients turn to prescription drugs and medical devices to find relief for a certain condition or disease they may be suffering from. These things are usually expected to better a person’s health and help them progress towards an improved state of living. When a medication has dangerous, unexpected side effects or a medical device causes even more harm, action must be taken. A superior defense attorney like Jorge Borron will be able to create a thorough case against the medical company that distributes the medication or device.

Drug and Medical Device Litigation

Prescription drugs and vaccines are heavily tested and approved before being offered to the public. These drugs are usually proven to be safe, but in some unfortunate cases, complications arise after a long period of time. If you begin to experience harmful side effects that were not forewarned when you began to take the medication, you should seek professional attention. If it is found that the prescription drug is the reason for your suffering, you should contact defense attorney Jorge Borron immediately.

Attorney Medical

Similarly, medical devices such as pacemakers, x­ray machines, and heart valves are usually accepted as being completely safe. When a medical device proves to be defective or malfunctions, great harm can be caused to the individual that is using it. As previously stated, it is crucial that a medical evaluation is performed to determine that the damage done to your body was caused by the faulty medical device.

With years of experience under his belt, Jorge Borron is knowledgeable in how to build an effective case against a medical company that inadvertently harmed or ruined a customer’s life. End your suffering today and call Jorge Borron, our Drug and Medical Device Litigation Attorney at (305) 667-1727 or click here to learn how you can get started in building your case.