Injury Attorney

spinal-injury-2Head and spinal cord injuries are among the most dangerous parts of your body to harm in an accident. If the damage is serious, you may be left paralyzed or incapable of living your life as you once did. Along with these severe injuries comes a lifetime of expenses to cover necessities such as wheelchairs, physical therapy, surgery, speech therapy, and regular medical appointments. If the accident was caused by an opposing party, you are entitled to receive financial coverage for all of these expenses.

Head and Spinal Injury Attorney

Critical head and spinal injuries are likely to occur during automobile collisions, slip and fall incidents, and motorcycle accidents. Attorney Jorge Borron has years of experience in the field, representing clients in all of these areas. Working with an attorney that understands the difficult situation you have been forced into and will go the extra mile to seek justice on your behalf is incredibly important. The process can be very trying, but a great attorney can make all the difference.

Trauma Lawyer

Your body and mind will never be the same after a severe head or spinal injury. If you or a loved one is experiencing this tragedy first hand, you have far more pressing matters to focus your attention on than dealing with a dispute between the opposing party. Jorge Borron wants to be your helping hand during this trying time and form a hard-hitting case on your behalf.

Act now and contact Jorge Borron, our head and spinal injury attorney today at (305) 667-1727 or click here to grant yourself and your family much needed peace of mind. Few attorneys will be able to approach your case with the care and attention that Borron can.