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A loved one’s passing is a difficult time in any family or household. While going through the somber mourning period, the last thing you will want to do is argue with a life insurance company over the details of your loved one’s policy. Understanding the technicalities of a life insurance policy can be confusing and difficult to understand even when the holder is alive and well. It is for this reason that many policyholders turn to an attorney that can sort through the law jargon.

Jorge Borron is well versed in working with life insurance companies and assisting policyholders in getting the most out of their agreement. Some life insurance claims may be delayed due to factors such as incomplete forms or failure to provide a death certificate. Sometimes a postponement is out of your control, due to a delay in the medical investigation to determine cause of death. Regardless of what the reason may be, you can be certain that Jorge Borron will do everything within his power to speed up the process accurately and efficiently.

Denied Life Insurance

The core reason people invest in life insurance is to ensure that their family and loved ones are supported financially after their passing. A specified amount is promised that will help cover funeral expenses and other crucial payments such as the mortgage to a house. Unfortunately, many families are burdened with legal issues and do not receive the money they were counting on.

Life Insurance Disputes

Jorge Borron is the attorney you need to settle life insurance disputes and confirm that the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy are granted the finances that were previously agreed upon. Borron will not simply back down from a case after a denial, but instead will fight tooth and nail to attempt to obtain the insurance claim you need.

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