Personal Injury Attorney

personal-injury-2_ , Personal Injury AttorneyAccidents and mishaps happen every day. While some are minor, many dangerous instances prove to be severely damaging and life threatening. If these accidents are caused due to another person’s negligence, the injured person or the deceased party’s loved ones will turn to either a formal lawsuit or an informal settlement to receive compensation for the incident.

Instances that fall under personal injury include cases involving auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, and medical malpractice, all things Jorge Borron specializes in. You or your family shouldn’t have to suffer financially due to someone else’s wrongdoings. No matter what the case may be, Borron will work tirelessly to seek justice on your behalf.

Settlement Personal

Jorge Borron will investigate your unique case in order to decide which course of action will work best for you. In most instances, an informal settlement is reached in order to resolve disputes and agree upon an agreeable amount of compensation. If the case proves to be more complicated or the opposing party refuses to cooperate, a formal lawsuit will need to be filed.

An attorney that will dedicate great amounts of time and focus on reaching a favorable outcome is difficult to find. Jorge Borron is the attorney you deserve, who will always have your best interest in mind. Seek the compensation for your personal injury incident you are entitled to today and contact our Personal Injury Attorney Jorge Borron at (305) 667-1727 or click here.