First Party Homeowners Insurance Claims Attorney

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In regards to insurance policies, individuals may become confused as to the difference between “first party” and “third party” claims. The “first party” is used to refer to the individual that has established the insurance policy and is insured. The “third party” is used to refer to an individual outside of the insurance policy that receives compensation for damages or harm, usually through a liability claim.

First Party Claims

When policyholders make first party claims on their homeowners insurance due to damages made to their home caused by factors such as lightning, hail, flood, fire, or theft, they sometimes run into unforeseen complications. As a policyholder, you are entitled to receive the full coverage specified in your contract. If you are denied your claim for any reason, it is wise to contact an experienced attorney such as Jorge Borron.

Borron has nearly three decades worth of experience dealing with stubborn insurance companies and unjust situations. It is his goal to oversee that each and every one of his clients are properly assisted in pursuing the coverage they were seeking. Leave the complicated process in the hands of a professional attorney and contact Jorge Borron, our First Party Homeowners Insurance Claims Attorney today at (305) 667-1727 or click here for more information.