Slip and Fall Settlements

Businesses usually take every precaution possible to avoid the injury of a customer while on their premises. However, accidents can occur and if the accident was due to negligence on the part of the business or its employees, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Slip and Fall Lawyer

It is often difficult to prove that a business is at fault for a slip and fall accident and it was not just an everyday slip up on your part. An excellent attorney like Jorge Borron will investigate the situation to determine whether the business in which the accident occurred followed all required safety measures and that they employees on duty at the time were not careless.

Many slip and fall accidents are caused by:slip-fall-2

  • Wet floors that were not properly labelled with a sign
  • Unstable stairs or walkways
  • Rough patches of ground
  • Dangerous equipment that is carelessly left out in the open by employees without alerting customers
  • Spilled liquids that are not immediately cleaned up or left out in the open unattended

Personal Injury Lawyer

If a business caused a preventable accident to occur to you, chances are that they have a history of inadvertently harming customers.

Don’t let a business off the hook for causing you serious bodily harm. Accidents are usually not intentional, but it is a business’ responsibility to ensure that all their customers can walk around in a safe environment. Call our Slip and Fall Lawyer Jorge Borron now at (305) 667-1727 or click here to hold the responsible party liable and seek appropriate compensation.